All Dunn Advertising is set to air the civil rights Mother of Voter Registration, Fannie Lou Hamer (FLH) 60 second Ad. The reminder of the importance of voter registration ad is scheduling to be run during the DNC convention through the election. The time buys are slated for New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Award winner Mzuri Moyo Aimbaye, who portrays Fannie Lou Hamer is also featured in the AD, delivers the FLH message "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!". In this most important election All Votes Matter closes the Ad. Mzuri comments, "FLH would say that the vote was paid for by the blood sweat and tears of Black people so everyone should vote, You're not just voting for yourself but for everybody".

The Ad highlights the slogan V.O.T.E. Voice of the Empowered

MSNBC Host Joy Reid recently introduced The Fannie Lou Hamer Story Virtual Performance. Actress/Singer Mzuri has portrayed FLH for the past 19 years provides an excerpt from the critically acclaimed one woman play, about the times between 1964 and 2020, "it's the same ol' soup but in a different pot called gerrymandering and redistricting".

Fannie Lou Hamer who told the 1964 DNC of being beaten after returning from a voter's registration workshop. Now the FLH story lives on via this emotional AD.

photo credit: axios video credits: American Experience; google images

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