Lady Day Group and Strange Fruit Partners have announced plans for a new film project based on the life of the iconic Billie Holiday.

All Dunn Advertising has received the following information from the group spokesman

Sequels are typically an easier sale because the history of the original project can assess a starting Intellectual Property Value (IPV). The Original movie “Lady Sings The Blues” 1972 Domestic Box Office $19,726,490. Though the movie was a success to the predominately African American audience, the overall ranking was low.

Maybe yes? $1.9 million (10%) is a good value, however the rights fees associated with producing a sequel could decrease the IPV. The possibilities of attaching personnel from the original such as (Diana Ross, Billie D Williams, Berry Gordy) immediately provides credibility to the new sequel. In addition, attracting A-list Actors and personnel raises the IPV.

Maybe no? A sequel is always attached to the success or failure of the original. Hollywood buzz (Marketing) will be the major factor in deciding yes or no.

Creatively, the chosen actress role (Billie Holiday) will be afforded the opportunity to contribute to the direction of the film. Therefore we are offering 2 working titles, Lady Day (Sequel) and Strange Fruit, a more contemporary film using the Billie Holiday story as a foundation.

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